Who we are

The FSRS is an independent non-profit non-governmental organization that aims to provide maximum transparency of financial markets, including actively developing markets of electronic currencies and crypto-currencies, and attracting investments through the ICO, through the competent and comprehensive regulation.

What are we doing:

An important principle for our company is continuous development. Each company, received our certificate, provides quality services to its customers. We have the right to take measures in violation of the rules by the participants of our organization.

1. We provide quality certificates of quality that guarantee the reliability of brokers.

2. We are engaged in resolving disputes and conflicts between participants of the Stock Exchange.

3. Companies that cooperate with us provide their clients with access to our compensation fund.

4. We are engaged in eliminating fraud in financial markets.

5. We provide high-quality analytics and legal information.


Our principles:


1. The Readiness and willingness to cooperate.

2. We are not dependent on state or private companies.

3. Quick response to your questions

4. The introduction of new standards.